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We’ve been making doorways impenetrable since 1990!



We guarantee your door-frame will not break!

Kicked in frame left. Our kick-proof StrikeMaster II Pro on right.

  • 4 home break-ins every minute.
  • 2 out of 3 kick in the door.
  • 5 minutes and burglar is gone.
  • Only 15% are caught.



Police Endorsed.

  • First-responders are 10-20 minutes away.
  • 95% of alarms are false.
  • 50% of break-ins homes have alarms.

J. A. Foster, San Antonio TX

“In my search for possibly looking to spend $1000 or more on a good safe door the StrikeMaster II was the smart alternative. I don’t anticipate anyone trying to break into my home through the front door, but if they try I feel confident they’ll have a very difficult...

H. J. Britinger

“About 10:00 AM in the morning, in broad daylight, my front door was kicked open and TVs and VCR’s were taken. I now have StrikeMasters on all my doors. I truly believe if I had had StrikeMasters before, it would have stopped or deterred the...

Donald Purnell CLL, CFE, Director of Security, Sentry Watch, Inc.

"I am a retired Chief of Police with more than 30 years in law enforcement and security and have investigated 1000's of residential burglaries and domestic assaults that were due to the crashing or kicking in of the doors at the home. .... I am proud to...

J. Thatcher, Senior Crime Prevention Aide, NJ

“I have been a consultant in the area of Crime Prevention for 18 years, and your StrikeMaster II is the first new product designed to provide physical perimeter protection that I would wholly and unconditionally...

Greg, GA

"I went to Lowes and purchased a “Door Jamb Armor" kit for more money than your product and regret it. After installing my wife said it was the “ugliest thing" she’s ever seen with too much labor replacing the trim around the door and paint. I wish I got your product...

Robert, NC

“As a law enforcement officer in North Carolina, I have responded to and investigated literally hundreds of breaking and enterings and many actual home invasions. In the vast majority of the incidents one of the doors was forced open (and it usually...

Steve Mathews, Steve Mathew’s Chinese Martial Arts Center

"A well placed kick is backed with hundreds of pounds of pressure. I have been breaking [things] in the martial arts for over 30 years, and I have never seen a security device withstand force like the Strike Master II. You have certainly developed a...

Mark, Atlanta GA

“We found out about your product at a community meeting. I noticed on your website a testimonial from someone in Atlanta that actually lives somewhere close to us because they recommend ACE, Village Hardware, as a point of purchase, a place I know well. We...